Do I need regular tarot readings?

Probably not. Odds are, you don't even need a single tarot reading. You already know everything that you need to know. I love to take on repeat clients, but it is important that they know that they need not depend on me. We are all built to walk our own paths, and are equipped with exactly what we require to be able walk them.

What can I expect my reading to be like?

A standard tarot reading with me begins by me explaining exactly what we are going to do during the reading, and making sure that the format suits your needs. As always, it is important that you trust your reader enough to be able to let them know what your intentions and goals for the reading are, as well as any worries or limitations you would like them to know about.

Why don't you make predictions about the future?

The future is not set in stone. Our actions today determine what we experience tomorrow. For this reason, I prefer to look into ways to take control over the present moment, so as to actively create the ideal future for oneself. How much more empowering it is to receive an answer to, "How can I be successful at work?" instead of, "Will I be successful at work?"

What are some good questions to ask during a tarot reading?

When working with the tarot, the best questions are open-ended. The more narrow the question, the less room there is for you to receive an answer you may not be expecting. I recommend using questions that begin with "What..." "How..." or "Why..." Some examples are: What do I need to know? What should I focus on? What are my blocks in this area? How can I face my fears? Why aren't I attracting love?

What are your limitations as a reader?

As a reader, I am continuously learning. In an effort to stay within my scope of abilities, I have set clear boundaries for my readings. I will update these boundaries should my scope of abilities change. As it stands, I do not cover the topics of fertility, health, or legal topics. I also do not make future predictions.

How do I choose the right reader for me?

When choosing a tarot reader, it is important that you trust them, both professionally and personally. For that reason, I always recommend looking for reviews or testimonials about your reader. It is even better when you can watch your reader perform a reading for someone else. In that setting, you get to experience what it would be like for them to read for you. Make sure that you feel that your reader is approachable and understanding. Tarot readings should always be a two-way street. As a final piece of advice, I recommend giving as little information as possible when getting an initial reading with a reader that is new to you. "What do I need to know?" is a perfect question in this case. Once the reader is able to give you information that confirms to you that they are indeed connecting to your life and energy, then you can open up with more precise questions without the fear that they are using the precision of your questions as clues within their reading.