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Heightening Your Intuition & Discovering Your Strongest Psychic Abilities

Your intuition is the quiet whisper, the little inner tug that tries to lead you to your best and highest path. The purpose of this post is to help you turn that quiet whisper into a strong voice of authority.

While we all have an intuition, most people don't yet know how to differentiate it from their head (logic) and their heart (emotions). This often results in a chaotic inner world and a lack of clarity around what the best decisions are.

Being able to pull the voice of your intuition apart from your other inner voices is incredibly valuable. While your head and your heart can lead you astray, your intuition never will. Being able to identify your intuition can give you a deeply grounded sense of clarity.

Tapping Into Your Psychic Abilities

The key to identifying your intuitive inner voice is identifying the channels through which it speaks to you. Those channels are your psychic abilities.

Contrary to common beliefs, everyone is psychic. We all have one or two psychic abilities that are naturally strongest for us, but we have access to all types of psychic abilities, and can learn to strengthen them all if we so desire.

The biggest reason why people miss the psychic messages that they receive is because of pop culture. Mainstream media portrays psychic abilities as grandiose and unmissable. The reality is, they are much more subtle than that, and they are happening all the time. They are so subtle that most people dismiss them as random thoughts or feelings.

Here is a rundown of the main psychic abilities, the way people expect them to manifest, and the way they typically manifest in real life.

Keep in mind that some people do experience these abilities similarly to how they are portrayed in pop culture, but that is rare. Also keep in mind that it is possible to experience one or multiple forms of one clear sense while never experiencing other forms of it. Just because you don't have premonitory dreams, doesn't mean you are not Clairvoyant.


Clear Seeing

The way people expect it to manifest:

- Seeing things outside of your body that aren't there,

- Getting visions of the future.

The way it often actually manifests:

- Images, symbols, numbers popping in your mind that remind you of something,

- Seeing symbolic images or scenes in your mind when you're asking yourself a question,

- Getting deja vu,

- Having premonitory dreams,

- Your eye being drawn to an image, symbol, word, or number that happens to answer something you were wondering about.

Most of the time, the images that pop in your mind are purely symbolic. They will be symbols that make sense to YOU, so they will be different for everyone.

Example: You ask yourself how your finances are doing. You might see an image of a strong, thriving tree full of fruit if your finances are healthy. Alternatively, you might see a thirsty plant that is all withered up if your finances are struggling. Maybe for you, the image would be of a full bag vs. an empty bag, or a juicy red apple vs. a rotting apple core.


Clear Hearing

The way people expect it to manifest:

- Hearing sounds or voices outside of your body that aren't there,

- Hearing people's thoughts out loud.

The way it often actually manifests:

- Hearing thoughts in your mind that sound just like your regular thoughts, but use "you" instead of "I,"

- Having random song lyrics pop in your mind that give you information,

- Ringing in your ear (you should talk to your doctor if you regularly get ringing in your ears) to indicate that you should pay extra attention to something around you.

Example: This thought pops in your mind as you're cooking, "you should check the oven now."


Clear Knowing

The way people expect it to manifest:

Ironically enough, people don't often know that Claircognizance exists. Because it is so difficult to describe or identify, it is rarely talked about or portrayed in pop culture.

The way it often actually manifests:

- An object is lost and you just know where it is,

- Answers to math problems are known to you without you having to learn them,

- Knowing things about people that you technically shouldn't know,

- Knowing that a situation will work out without having any proof that it will.

Example: You're at someone's house for the first time, and you just know which cupboard to look in for whatever it is you're looking for.


Clear Feeling

The way people expect it to manifest:

Similarly to Claircognizance, Clairsentience is rarely portrayed in pop culture. It might be shown as someone feeling other people's physical sensations in their body. While this is a valid and real aspect of Clairsentience, mainstream media tends to exaggerate it to unrealistic degrees.

The way it often actually manifests:

- Feeling the emotions of others around you,

- Feeling physical sensations of others around you,

- Strong gut feelings,

- Getting goosebumps to confirm a piece of information,

- Feeling in your body a certain timing (when someone is at the door, when you're about to get a phone call, when it's time to flip the quesadillas).

Example: You're hanging out with a friend and you feel tension in your shoulders, indicating to you that they're stressed out and holding that stress in their shoulders.


Clear Smelling

The way people expect it to manifest:

This clear sense is almost never talked about, either in pop culture or in real life.

The way it often actually manifests:

- Randomly smelling something that isn't there, often related to a person or a memory,

- Smelling plants, herbs, or spices that aren't there; either to prompt you to add it to your tea or cooking, or to make you think of their symbolic meaning,

- Smelling unpleasant smells that aren't there as a form of warning or exclamation point.

Example: Experiencing the fleeting smell of roses, indicating you should practice some self care (roses will symbolize different things for different people. I used self care as an example).

Some people experience Clairalience as a form of mediumship. For example, if the smell of roses reminds you of your grandmother who has died, then getting the fleeting smell of roses would indicate that your grandmother is nearby.


Clear Tasting

The way people expect it to manifest:

This clear sense is almost never talked about, either in pop culture or in real life.

The way it often actually manifests:

- Tasting something out of nowhere that symbolically gives you information about a situation,

- Tasting an herb or spice that isn't there either as a symbolic meaning, as a medicinal prompt, or as a prompt to add to your cooking,

- Tasting something that reminds you of a person or memory.

Example: Tasting mint when you have an upset stomach, as a prompt to drink mint tea to help settle your stomach.

Getting a sour taste when you meet someone as an indication that you perhaps cannot trust them.

Combining Psychic Abilities

Most of the time, psychic abilities combine themselves as they come through to channel your intuitive messages.

You might hear a word and see an image in your mind at the same time. You might get a strong gut feeling while randomly smelling a smell.

The more you pay attention to your psychic abilities, the stronger they get and the more they tend to combine themselves. Eventually, you can get to a point where you are receiving intuitive messages through all of your senses.

Strengthening Your Intuition

The key to strengthening your intuition is actually listening to it when it comes through. Every time you deny or ignore an intuitive message, you are communicating to your subconscious mind that the channel (psychic ability) through which it chose to communicate with you was not effective. Alternatively, when you do honor that intuitive message and listen to its advice, then you are telling your subconscious mind to keep communicating to you in that manner.

In an effort to keep ourselves safe, we want to know where our intuitive prompts will take us before we actually listen to them. This is a trap! Your intuition won't tell you where the end of the road is, it will simply illuminate the next step that you should take.

At first, trusting your intuition and actually taking the next step that it points you toward is terrifying. However, since your intuition always leads you to your best and highest path, you quickly get to experience the positive outcome of having trusted the intuitive messages you received through your psychic channels. Every time you experience the positive outcomes of trusting your intuition, it makes it easier to trust it the next time.

As with everything, strengthening your psychic abilities, identifying your intuitive voice, and trusting your intuition take practice.

My favorite way to practice it is through regular divination. Divination (tarot cards, pendulums, tea leaf reading, etc.) uses physical objects to prompt your psychic abilities to kick in, thus making it easier to identify your intuitive voice.

When you flip over a tarot card, you might have a word pop in your head (Clairaudience) or you might get a strong gut feeling (Clairsentience). When you regularly practice divination and see how the information you receive is accurate, then your psychic abilities get stronger and you start to notice them come through when you are going about your regular day-to-day activities.

The best way to get in touch with your intuition and strengthen your psychic abilities is through meditation. When you get into a meditative state, you become a clear psychic channel for intuitive messages to come through.

Whether you decide to practice your psychic abilities or not, simply reading this post has taken you leaps and bounds further than you were before you read it. Now that you know how intuitive messages may come through, you are more likely to recognize when they actually do come through moving forward. I can guarantee you that you've already been receiving psychic messages -- now you just have to notice them.

You don't need any external sources in order to tap into your intuition and psychic abilities. However, if you are interested in a reading about your psychic abilities, you can find it here:

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