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A personalized Charmancy or Tarot reading LIVE on Tiktok. Only available during certain livestreams.


** If you are not present in the live stream when it is your turn, I will move on to the next reading on the list. If you are not present by the time the livestream ends, I will send you an email reading within 7 business days. **


**I do not make future predictions, nor do I address the topics of fertility, health, legal issues, mediumship, or the private thoughts / feelings of someone else. If you place an order and I cannot fulfill it due to your request falling into one of these categories, you can choose a new topic / question, or receive a voucher equivalent tothe total dollar amount spent. No refunds.**


Choose a Topic + a Size for your reading. Price varies based on the Size of reading.





A Short Charmancy reading gives you the highlights -- the most important aspects your charms have to share.

A Short Tarot reading uses 2 cards.



A Medium Charmancy reading gives you the most important aspects your charms have to share, with detailed explanations.

A Medium Tarot reading uses 4+ cards.



An In-Depth Charmancy reading gives you details about all the relevant charms in your reading. It is a full scan of your charms.

An In-Depth Tarot reading uses as many cards as needed to fully address the topic at hand in detail.





A general reading using charms. This reading shows me a snapshot of your Mindscape (your inner world). This often includes what you are focused on, what you are avoiding thinking about, what you are working on healing, what you are afraid of, what patterns you are stuck in, and more.


Blind General Tarot

A tarot reading answering the question, "What do you need to know?" Perfect for when you're not sure which reading to choose, or what type of guidance you need.


Choose this reading if no other available topic suits your needs. Leave your desired topic in your order note. I do not cover the topics of fertility, health, legal matters, someone else's private thoughts / feelings, mediumship, or future predictions. Any topic or request is subject to refusal for ethical reasons. 


Relationship Tarot

A tarot reading looking into a specific relationship, designed to shed light on the problems, desires, blockages, and solutions within the relationship.


Single Love (Healing) Tarot

A tarot reading for single people who want to identify what they need to heal within themselves in order to be open to the romance they crave.


Finances Tarot

A tarot reading for getting clear about your finances: how you feel about your money situation, what limiting beliefs you have around money, and how to break through them.


Highest Self Tarot

A tarot reading for accessing your highest potential. Your Highest Self is the absolute best version of you that you can imagine. What would this version of you have to tell you if they could offer you advice? That is what this reading will tell you.


Manifestation Tarot

A tarot reading to help you with your manifestations. Get clear on what you want, on what limiting beliefs are stopping you from manifesting it, and on what empowering beliefs to hold instead.


Entrepreneurship Tarot

A tarot reading designed for the entrepreneur.  If there is a specific aspect of your business you want me to look into, let me know in your order note. Otherwise, this reading will tackle whatever you need to know to better meet whatever business goals you have.


Healing & Growing Tarot

A tarot reading for personal / emotional healing & growth. Find out what you are ready to heal from and how to do so.


Tiktok Livestream Reading

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