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The Mindscape

Use your mind to expand your mind

The Mindscape is an imaginary Universe containing all that is YOU. This Universe is split into 64 centers, each representing a different part of yourself. Utilize the resources within each center of The Mindscape to reach your highest potential. Use your mind to expand your mind.


 All Centers by Aspect of the Self 

Everything in your life can be categorized into one of these four aspects of the self, which are reflections of the four elements. 

Each aspect is important, but is altogether useless without the others. What good are great ideas if you have no motivation to act upon them? The key to tapping in to your highest potential is to nurture each aspect of the self and to find balance within them all. That's why I made sure that each aspect of the self is equally represented within The Mindscape.

Active Physical Centers: EARTH

COMING SOON - The Physical Centers: EARTH

Active Mental Centers: AIR

COMING SOON - The Mental Centers: AIR

Active Energetic Centers: FIRE

COMING SOON - The Energetic Centers: FIRE

Active Emotional Centers: WATER

COMING SOON - The Emotional Centers: WATER

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