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About Me

I am a person first and foremost. The passions that I share and integrate into my work are only facets of my person-ness. Some of those passions are tarot cards, witchcraft, gardening, foraging, painting, drawing, writing, cooking, creating, and spending as much time in nature as I can.

I was raised to be afraid of tarot cards, and for a long time I was. I took a long, lonesome journey through the dark and emerged with many questions about life and about how I fit into it. I found most of the answers I was looking for through tarot cards, either directly or indirectly. They helped me to face my fears head on.

 While the journey through light is certainly more enjoyable than the gruelling journey through darkness, I can now see the value in facing one's shadow. It is my thorough pleasure to help guide as many as I can through their own shadow work, for it is only after seeing the darkest dark that we can truly appreciate the brilliance of the rising light. 

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