20 Tarot & Oracle Decks You'll Fall in Love With

First things first, what's the difference between tarot and oracle decks?

Tarot decks follow a traditional structure. A portion of the tarot deck is called the Major Arcana, and it is comprised of the major themes in life. This is where you'll see cards such as Death, The Tower, The Fool, The Magician, etc. The rest of the deck is called the Minor Arcana, and it is comprised of four suits. The Minor Arcana represents the smaller, day-to-day themes in life.

On the other hand, Oracle decks are cards used for divination that follow whatever structure is determined by the creator of the deck.

Regardless of whether it is a Tarot or Oracle deck, the creator of the deck has plenty of room for interpretation. Each deck will follow its own theme, style, and / or structure.

While you can use one deck for all your readings, matching which deck you use to the type of reading you give can add an extra layer of richness to your reading. For example, when I give Tarot readings, I love to end the reading with an Oracle card pull from a deck of either affirmations or positive advice. It is a lovely way to bring a note of positivity to the reading.

In no particular order, here is a list of 20 Tarot and Oracle decks that I love to work with. If you make a purchase through the links in this post, I may earn a small commission.

1. The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans

This is the first Tarot deck that I bought, and it has never failed me. The art is a mix of black ink and watercolor, and it speaks to my heart in such a direct way.

This deck is non-traditional in the art as well as in the names of the court cards. Traditionally, the court cards (4 types of cards in each of the Minor Arcana suits) are Page, Knight, Queen, King. In the Wild Unknown Tarot, they are Daughter, Son, Mother, Father, respectively.

2. The Oracle of the Fairies by Karen Kay

I love this deck for the easy readability of it. For the most part, the cards speak for themselves. This is one of those decks that you can use in a reading without ever turning to the guidebook, which is a plus for me.

Each card has one archetypal fairy with a small tagline under it, describing what the card is trying to get across. Beyond the clarity of the cards, the art is beautiful, uplifting, and incredibly detailed.

3. Light Seer's Tarot by Chris-Anne

One of the newer additions to my collection, this deck has quickly become one of my top favorites! It's one of those decks that speaks its message so clearly.

The art is absolutely gorgeous, with all kinds of magic symbolism subtly integrated into the cards.

Highly recommend!

4. Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

If you're into deities, ascended masters, and angels, then this is the deck for you. Each card is represented by one being and the archetypal energy they represent.

The guidebook is a fantastic tool for learning about these energies. Whether you believe they are sentient beings or simply archetypal figures, this deck has a multitude of uses.

I love pulling one of these cards before meditating and then asking for messages from whoever I draw from the deck while I meditate.

5. The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle Cards by Kim Krans

I have a soft spot for any Kim Krans creation, since her Wild Unknown Tarot deck first introduced me to the world of Tarot.

The Wild Unknown style carries into this gorgeous deck.

This deck is split into 5 suits: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. Each card features one animal that relates to the suit it is represented by.

In the guidebook, Kim details what to expect when the energy of the card is in balance as well as out of balance. She also offers advice on how to bring the energy into balance (types of yoga, self-care practices, meditations, etc.).

6. The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell

I am mildly obsessed with anything Rebecca Campbell creates! Her message is so pure, beautiful, and inspiring.

If you want to learn about planets, galaxies, extraterrestrial beings, and your connection to all of the above, then this is the deck for you.

I love the educational aspect of this deck. It pushes you to expand your consciousness to something beyond the limits of Earth.

7. Butterfly Affirmations Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild

You will only get positivity from this deck. There is no guidebook included with this deck because the cards speak or themselves. That makes their readability beginner-friendly.

Each card has an affirmation that, in my experience using this deck, cuts right to the heart of whatever issue you are facing.

This is one of the decks that I love to use to punctuate Tarot readings with a note of positivity.

8. The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck by Kim Krans

I adore this deck! Beyond the fact that is carries Kim's Wild Unknown art style, it has round cards!!!

The archetypes that she chose for this deck evoke instantaneous symbols, thoughts, feelings, memories, and symbolism -- as all archetypes should.

Beyond that, her art is stunning, enticing, and haunting. Of course, the guidebook goes way in depth about each of the archetypes represented in the deck.

9. Work Your Light Oracle Cards by Rebecca Campbell

Yes, another Rebecca Campbell work of art! If the term "lightworker" resonates with you, then this deck is for you. Every card taps into an aspect of positive spirituality, and teaches you to use it to uplift humanity as a whole through uplifting yourself.

This is one of those decks that is beneficial not just for giving accurate readings, but for inspiring and educating the reader as they learn about and master the deck.

The guidebook also includes activations that you can speak aloud to tap into the energy the card brings forth.

10. The Akashic Tarot by Sharon Anne Klinger & Sandra Anne Taylor

While I don't make future predictions through my readings, this is the one deck I trust to show me the timelines accurately. It is by far the most precise, in-depth, accurate Tarot deck I have ever worked with.

It is so energetically potent that I only use it a few times a year for personal readings when I need a deep dive into myself and my spirituality.

This is the least traditional Tarot deck I have come across. The cards, especially the Major Arcana, are totally different from the traditional Tarot structure. It references angels and ascended masters. If you want a deep education on spirituality as well as some raw, accurate readings, then this deck is absolutely for you.

11. Dark Mirror Oracle Cards by Riccardo Minetti & Laura Sava

This is the ultimate Shadow Work deck. As its name implies, it forces you to look at the darker parts of yourself... the parts that may be hard to acknowledge. However, shadow work is key to growth and personal development.

This deck is funky cool, especially because its guidebook's English translation is a little wonky, so you have to dive into the poetry of the words to truly understand the card's meaning. It forces you to think about the deeper meanings behind the complex cards.

12. Numerology Guidance cards by Michelle Buchanan

This deck boils Numerology down to basic themes. Each card features a number and a theme (for the most part, one word).

If you don't know much about Numerology, this is a great deck to begin to open your mind to the association between numbers and themes. This is the type of deck that cuts right to the chase, bringing light to the seed of the topic at hand in any given reading.